The Murray Regional Weed Committee (RWC) is established as a Community Advisory Group under the Local Land Services Act 2013 (the Act). This committee (in conjunction with the Riverina RWC) replaces the Eastern Riverina Noxious Weeds Advisory Group & Western Riverina Noxious Weeds Advisory Group (ERNWAG & WRNWAG). Inaugural meeting held in Corowa, 3rd December 2015.

Purpose of the Murray RWC

To provide ‘tenure neutral’ strategic planning and coordination of weed management activities at the regional level. These activities play an integral part in an overall state weed management framework.

The RWC is established to:

  • support implementation of the weeds components and underlining principles of the NSW Biosecurity Strategy, NSW Biosecurity Act 2015 and the NSW Invasive Species Plan 2015-2022;
  • provide advice to the Board regarding delivery of weed functions for the Local Land Services (LLS) consistent with the Local Strategic Plan;
  • to develop innovative and effective regional weed management strategic plans that consider risks, include all land tenure, and major stakeholders in the landscape;
  • provide a forum for the community and stakeholders in decision making, and develop a communication, education, training and awareness program based on local and/or regional priority weeds and issues.
  • prioritise target weed species and recommend weed policy, declaration, control and promotion to member organisations.
  • promote effective and efficient collaboration and co-ordination of weed programs, and promote resources and information sharing between member organisations.
  • Liaise, were necessary, with other RWC to develop and deliver weed management plans.

Murray Regional Weed Committee contacts

Murray RWC Chair – Neil Hibberson, 0427 203 333

Murray LLS contact – Geoff Corboy, 0427 221 011

Further information

Terms of Reference or via FAQ on the LLS page


Located an unusual plant in the Murray or Riverina? Not sure who to contact?

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