sagittaria platyphylla

Sagittaria graminea ssp. platyphylla
Emergent to 1.2 m tall.
■ Emergent: blade-like, to 28 cm long, 10 cm
wide; long stalk with one main vein
■ Submerged: translucent, strap-like, to 50 cm
■ 3 white petals and 3 sepals
■ 3 cm diameter
■ In whorls on a leafless stalk
■ Always below leaf height
■ Mainly spring to autumn
■ A cluster consisting of flattened and winged
segments, 0.15–0.3 cm long, 1 seed in each
Similar looking species
■ Arrowhead (Sagittaria montevidensis): adult
leaves strongly arrow-shaped
■ #Water plantain (Alisma plantago-aquatica):
flowers on long stems and leaves rounder at
Sagittaria is native to the USA and Central
America. It was introduced into and cultivated
in Australia as an ornamental garden plant. It
forms dense infestations, competes with native
species and obstructs water flow. It grows well in
enriched conditions and is becoming increasingly
common in irrigation supply channels, drains,
shallow creeks and wetlands.
Sagittaria is widespread and common in northern
Vic, south-east Qld, south-west NSW and around
Sydney and Newcastle.
Means of spread
Spread by seed, rhizomes, tubers and floating
entire plants.
If found, report this weed to your local weed
Declaration status
NSW: C4(18)/C5(S); SA: 1@; WA: P1/2; Tas: D

# Denotes Australian native species

Source: Recognising Water Weeds Plant Identification Guide Aquatic Weeds Early Detection Project
Compiled by Jessica Grantley, Fiona McPherson and Andrew Petroeschevsky,

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