Keep Your Garden Maintenance Under Control with Hortico Weed Killer

Hortico Weed Killer

Buffalo grass makes an attractive lawn, but it also is a high maintenance lawn due to the need for weed control. That happens because this type of grass has an open growth habit. It is not dense or tightly knit, so it allows unwanted grass seeds to germinate and contaminate the buffalograss stand. And once the lawn starts losing its vigour and health, this is when the weed problem becomes really big.

Product features and description

Hortico 500 ml Weed Killer for Buffalo Lawns is the most efficient garden maintenance product to deal with unwanted weed on pretty much all types of lawns. However, due to its selective effect on certain broadleaf weeds, it is primarily used on buffalo lawns. One bottle can treat up to 830m2 of lawn. It is highly toxic and must be kept out of reach of children.

What weeds does it kill?

Hortico weedkiller kills weeds such as clover, dandelion, bindii, thistles and creeping oxalis which are known to grow on buffalo lawns. The product can also be used on other lawn alternatives such as Kikuyu and Couch.

How to use Hortico weedkiller? The product can be applied in two ways – using a sprayer or a watering can with sprinkle bar attachment.