Weed identification

Australian Weed identification

Identification of weeds in the backyard will help kill them. Use our identification guide to learn more about the weed. Then read our guide on the best weed killer to remove the annoying weed.

Bindi weed

Bindii weed control

Bindii are found all over Australia. They grow up to 4 cm and grow in with grass. It is a weed that is low growing and can easily spread.

Bindii produce seeds in Spring and Summer. It is these seeds which can prick your skin. Bindii spread through foot traffic or on the fur of pets.

Asparagus Fern

What is Asparagus Fern?

Asparagus fern is weed and considered a noxious weed. The plant has long sprawling stems and can grow up to 25 mm.

Asparagus fern grows in clusters between 2-5 and overs the ground.

The plant sometimes can have needle like leaves so use gloves.

How to kill asparagus fern?

It is best to pull out by hand (With roots) or use a weed killer.


What is Bamboo?

Identification of bamboo is easy as most people have seen bamboos somewhere. Bamboo spread easily and quickly.

How to kill bamboo?

To kill Bamboo, you need to cut the plant to ground level and spray a weed killer such as Yates Zero Weed killer.


What is Blackberries?

Blackberries can be identified through the fruits it has. The plants branches (cane) can grow up to 7 meters. The plant spreads through fruit eaten by animals or people, seed distribution and rooting of cane tips.

How to kill blackberry plant?

You can kill the blackberry plant by either removing it or spraying weed killer (Herbicide) on it.


What is Broadleaf/Flat weed?

Broadleaf weeds are a group of weeds which cover the ground. They include dandelion, chickweed, marshmallow, cat’s ear, lamb’s tongue, fleabane and dock. Broadleaf weeds either grows between summer or winter season. Best time to kill winter weeds is in autumn. Winter weeds include white clover and dandelion.

identifying dandellion-weed

Identifying Dandelion Weed

Dandelion weed is considered a broad leaf weed. These weeds are common throughout Australia. Dandelions leaf are divided and come out in Spring. They have yellow flowers coming through the center. Best way to kill this weed is in winter.

What is Onion Weed

What is Onion Weed?

Identifying an onion weed is easy because these weeds have nice looking flowers. Onion weeds are identified as noxious weeds in NSW, WA and TAS, SA and VIC.

Onion weed have long thin stalks. At the end of the stalk are white flowers. During summer and autumn the seeds are formed.

How to kill onion weed?

Ways to kill onion weed include spraying weed killer such as Yates zero glyphosate weed spray, Roundup or pull out the weed. The plant spreads by seeds blowing in the wind or seeds falling off after the plant being pulled.

Oxalis weed - Identify the weed

What is Oxalis weed?

Identifying an Oxalis weed, means you should look for a tiny clover to heart shaped leaves. Oxalis weed crawl the grass and are difficult to control. They spread by movement of soil and lawn mowers.

How to kill Oxalis?

It is recommended to use mulch to cover the weed or use Roundup (However this will also kill the grass or surround plants) or best thing is to pull out the weed.

Thistle-Weed-What is it?

Thistle weed identification

Thistle weeds grow close to the ground and have their leaves are covered in hairs and needle like spines. These weeds grow mostly pink-purple flowers and at times also yellow.

How to kill thistle weed?

Herbicides don’t work during their inactive period which is in winter. Best way to kill thistle weed is to spray non selective weed killer such as Yates Zero or Round up during their active season. Active season are Spring and Autumn. Applying weed killer at the early stages of the weed is the most effective.

What is Winter-Grass

Winter Grass

Winter grass is a soft, light green with bunches of stalk grouped together. The weed’s seeds are located at the end of the stalk.

How to kill winter grass?

You can remove the weed easily by pulling it out because it does not have deep roots. Alternatively you can kill the weed with a pre-emergent like Oxafert or use Amgrow weed control winter grass killer.

What is the right weed killer for you?