Red Guide Posts – a weed awareness tool!

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The former Eastern and Western Riverina Noxious Weeds Advisory Groups teamed up with Lachlan and Macquarie Valley Weeds Advisory Committee (MVWAC), Riverina & Central Western Local Control Authorities (LCAs), Local Land Services (LLS) and Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) to develop a simple system to assist in reducing the spread of priority weeds along roadsides.  It involves the installation of red guide posts at the ‘start’ and ‘end’ of each weed infestation.  The red guide posts identify the site and an extensive awareness campaign will advise that there is to be no works between the posts without the local weed officer’s permission.

This project was funded through the NSW Weeds Action Program (WAP) New Innovative project for weeds 2013-2015 and Murray Local Land Services Integrated Pest and Weed Management Projects. Over 2,000 red guide posts have been distributed to 33 partnering councils across the Riverina & Central Western NSW to be installed next to existing white guide posts.

A major component of this project was the development of resources that can be picked up by RMS and other LCAs across NSW to ensure state consistency:

Winner of the Excellence in the Environment Weed Management Award 2013/2014Award & Certificate.

Murray Local Land Services has also partnered with this project to expand the market reach of the TVC throughout the region as well as trial a new advertising medium displayed on Service Station fuel nozzles.


By avoiding Red Guide Posted areas we can all help stop the spread of weeds…..