Managing (water) aquatic weeds, and killing residential weeds

Aquatic weeds in New South Wales are known to have caused all sorts of damage. Especially aquatic weeds located in the Riverina area, it is known to cause damage to water ways, livestock, water activities and animals.

This website has been created to freely share information to educate the public on managing and solving their weed problems. This includes information for weeds found in water ways, farm lands and residential backyards.

What will you find on this site?

Weed Identification Guide

By identifying the weed in your water ways, farm land or residential yard you will be able to find the most suitable method to manage the weed problem and eliminate them.

Identification of aquatic weed

aquatic weed identification

Aquatic weeds are a real problem Australia wide. There are certain water weeds such as alligator weeds, hygrophila weed or Arrowhead when identified correctly can help in finding the best management method.

The NSW DPI has create an excellent water weeds identification guide viewed here. Use the guide as the first step in identifying the plant species.

The identification guide will also help explain how the aquatic weed grows and spreads.

Identification of everyday weed (residential)

If your yard has weeds such as bindii, clover, cudweeds and others which appear, then it certainly is annoying. The growth of these weeds stick to pets and prick children. By identifying them and eliminating the weed, your backyard becomes a better place to hang around.

Yates website has provided a great guide on identification of weeds.

Weed Habitat

Amazon frogbit

Understanding the habits of weeds, will help manage them. Information on the habits of alligator weed, Arrowhead, East Indian hygrophila and Sagittaria Playphylla can be found here. Learn about how they grow and where they like to be growing.

Weed Distribution

alligator weed habitat

Weeds are found Australia wide. Visit the distribution page to see their locations.

Weed Life cycle

When to kill weeds?

Each weed has its own life cycle. There are certain seasons each weed spreads. By understanding how they spread and what causes their spread, we can manage their distributions.

Residential weeds can be killed easily either during their germination phase or once they have leafed. There are a number of different and effective weed killers that can be applied either when the weed is germinating or once it has leafed.

Weed removal and gardening

Keeping your gardening and lawn looking beautiful and healthy will require the removal of weeds. If you are growing flowers or vegetables in the garden, then you should have a read of our organic weed killer methods. By using organic methods, your garden will be healthy and vibrant.

Aquatic Weed Removal

Removing aquatic weeds is difficult. We have provided a list of methods that can help in the removal of water weeds. Removal solutions include managing the growth of the weed, using boom gates or using mechanical harvesting machines.

Mechanical weed harvester