Information on Riverina Weeds

Weeds in New South Wales are known to have caused all sorts of damage. Especially aquatic weeds located in the Riverina area, it is known to cause damage to water ways, livestock, water activities and animals.

This website has been created to freely share information to educate the public on managing and solving their weed problems. 

Weed Identification

In response to the threat of aquatic weeds to the Murray Darling Basin (MDB), a 2014 pilot project investigated potential aquatic weed risks and spread pathways via water delivery initiatives. Five weeds were the focus of the project; sagittaria, water hyacinth, alligator weed, cabomba and Mexican water lily, as these were determined to be high priority threats in risk assessments (Champion et al. 2008), and have potential to spread from their current infestations in the MDB. The links below provide identification resources and distribution information for these five high-risk weeds.

Weed Habitat

Understanding the habits of weeds, will help manage them. Information on the habits of alligator weed, Arrowhead, East Indian hygrophila and Sagittaria Playphylla can be found here. Learn about how they grow and where they like to be growing.

Weed Distribution

Weeds are found in certain places in NSW and Australia. Visit the distribution page to see their locations.

Weed Lifecycle

Each weed has their own lifecycle. There are certain seasons each weed favours to spread. By understanding how they spread and what causes their spread, we can manage their distributions.