Minimise the economic, environmental and social impacts of existing and new and emerging weeds in the Murray, Murrumbidgee and Lower Murray Darling Catchments through coordination, cooperation and commitment from weed managers and the community.


•    Promote awareness of noxious and environmental weeds within the community to assist with the identification of emerging weed problems;
•    Promote a strategic and coordinated approach to regional weed management;
•    Recommend weed policy, planning, declaration, control and promotion to member organisations;
•    Encourage all members and other stakeholders to work together in an efficient and coordinated manner pertaining to resource sharing, weed policy, declaration and control;
•    Advise the State Government on weed matters relating to declarations, policy and planning for the region;
•    Provide a forum for the discussion and debate of regional weed issues;
•    Coordinate development and implementation of regional weed management strategies and plans, including mapping and publicity initiatives;
•    Coordinate reporting on regional funding submissions.